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friends cut

if you're on this list, i removed you, so plz remove me
nothing personal, i just don't even know who you are tbh, and some of you added me without even asking :\

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peace out

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omg okay

i'm really getting sick of this username, because i got it a million years ago when i was obsessed with danity kane. ("show stopper" hollaaa) so what i'm asking is, can someone buy me a renaming token?

i would appreciate it so so much and i'll make icons for whoever does it ;)
(georgina stojiljkovic) stunning

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Hiatus I guess - until I'm un-grounded from the computer. Ugh. I hope I don't miss too much guys, I'm rly sorry.

eta from my dad's computer at work far away from my mother: Yeah I can't use the one at my house because my mom finally saw my suck-ass progress report, and omg you would think I dropped out of school. She called my grandma then when I saw my grandma on Friday she liked talked to me about it ~alone~ and in ~private~ like omg give me a break. Then I asked my mom why the hell she told my grandma she's like "WELL I CALLED HER ON THE PHONE CRYING" Like, WTF? Poor her, right? This must be just awful for her.

Yeah so I'm chillin with my dad at his office with my Starbucks, so it's all good. I really want to go find the new issue of Nylon too.